District Profile

KVK Name Agro-climatic zone           No . of Blocks           No. of Panchayats    Population  Literacy   SC and ST Population  No. of farmers   Average land holding 
Mayurbhanj-II North Central Table Zone 12 137 10,26,210 48.88 6,65,773 1,10,496 1.33 ha.

Basic Information

Geographical Area                                                                  10,41,8000 ha
Latitude 21016’ to 22034’ North
Longitude 85040’ to 87011’ East
Altitude 20m to 1165m MSL
Geographical Area 10,41,8(‘000 ha)
Forest area 434(‘000ha)
Misc &tree grooves 15(‘000ha)
Permanent pasture 24(‘000ha)
Culturable Waste 10(‘000ha)
Land put to non argil use 50(‘000ha)
Barren and uncultivable  land 27(‘000ha)
Current fallow 65(‘000ha)
Other Fallow 376(‘000ha)
Cultivable area 441(‘000ha)
Net area sown 376(‘000ha)
Gross cropped area 440(‘000ha)
Annual normal rainfall 1648.2mm in 77rainy day
Temperature Max:39̊ C&Min:4̊ C
Cultivable Land 437(‘000ha)
   High land 43%
    Medium land 28%
   Low land 29%



Mayurbhanj-II Farm families  Land Used
Mayurbhanj-II a)Small farmer 1,63,122ha
Mayurbhanj-II b)Marginal farmer 1,34,204ha
Mayurbhanj-II c)Big farmer 43,476ha
Mayurbhanj-II d)Agricultural labour 2,23,601ha
Mayurbhanj-II Major crops grown  
Mayurbhanj-II Kharif Paddy ,Maize, Small millet,Arhar ,Mung, Biri, cowpea ,kulthi, ground nut, niger,sweet potato, other vegetables,turmeric,ginger,mesta,
Mayurbhanj-II Rabi Paddy,maize,small millets,Arhar,Mung,biri cow pea, kulthi, gram ,lentil, ground nut, mustard, niger, linseed, sweet potato, potato onion, other vegetables,chilli coriander, garlic
Mayurbhanj-II Kharif cropped area 364000ha
Mayurbhanj-II Rabi cropped area 61,000ha
Mayurbhanj-II Cropping intensity(%) 121
Mayurbhanj-II Total fertilizer consumption(kg/ha) 11.98(into 1000 MT)
Mayurbhanj-II Nitrogen Kharif 5.94+Rabi 1.67=7.61
Mayurbhanj-II Phosphorus Kharif 2.19+Rabi 1.03=3.22
Mayurbhanj-II Potash Kharif 0.45+ Rabi0.70=1.15
Mayurbhanj-II Per ha Fertilizer consumption(kg/ha)  
Mayurbhanj-II Kharif 24
Mayurbhanj-II Rabi 63.48 kg
Mayurbhanj-II Soil type Sandy loam, red lateritic
Mayurbhanj-II Irrigation from different sources(in ha)  
Mayurbhanj-II Kharif 24%
Mayurbhanj-II Rabi 10%

Census(According to population census,2001)

Mayurbhanj-II Total population 2223000
Mayurbhanj-II Male 112300
Mayurbhanj-II Female 110000
Mayurbhanj-II Population density per sq.km 213
Mayurbhanj-II Literacy rate 51.91

Demographic Profile of the District

Major farming systems/enterprises (based on the analysis made by the KVK)

Sl.No Farming system /enterprise
1 Paddy – Mustard + Poultry
2 Paddy- Vegetables (Tomato, Brinjal, Cole crops & cucurbits)+ Sericulture
3 Paddy- pulse (Chick pea, Green gram , Black gram , Field pea etc. ) + Apiculture
4 Vegetable (Kharif Tomato, radish, Cauliflower – Vegetable (tomato, brinjal Cole crops
5 Ground nut – fallow
6 Paddy-Paddy+ Fishery+ Duckery/ Poultry
7 Paddy – Ground nut + Poultry
8 Pulses- Vegetable
9 Paddy – linseed
10 Mango + Spices ( Ginger and turmeric ) + Poultry
11 Horti – silviculture + Duckery+ Poultry
12 Niger- Fallow
13 Maize – Vegetable
14 Paddy – Wheat
15 Paddy- Mustard- Vegetable ( Tomato)




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