Thrust Areas

THRUST AREAS identified by KVK (Approved by competent Authority in meetings/workshop)

Mayrubhanj-II Crop diversification and Intensification in Rainfed up lands
Mayrubhanj-II Vareital replacement in field and vegetable crops
Mayrubhanj-II Area and technology expansion for off-seaseon vegetable cultivation
Mayrubhanj-II Cultivation of more remunerative crops like onion , garlic , spices , broccoli etc.
Mayrubhanj-II Soil health management through better and efficient utilization of farm residues.
Mayrubhanj-II Integrated nutrient management and correction of micronutrient deficiencies.
Mayrubhanj-II Management of Problematic soil (Acidic & Iron toxicity)
Mayrubhanj-II Enforcement of IPM strategies in crops with particular emphasis to plant divessity , botanicals ,bio-pesticides and behevioural aspects.
Mayrubhanj-II Soil and water conservation engineering
Mayrubhanj-II Use of drugery reduction implements
Mayrubhanj-II Use of micro irrigation system (drip and sprinkler) in orchard crop
Mayrubhanj-II Farm mechanization

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